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Image by Milos Prelevic


Rental Equipment packages are available

for the following:

  • Pool Night at COM

  • Balmorhea Trips

  • Lake Travis Trips

We also offer Rental Gear for

your personal use:

  • Day Trips

  • Weekend Trips

  • Tanks Only

  • Wetsuits

  • Weights

Need to rent equipment?


Tank Services:

  • Tank Fill

  • Tank Visual Inspection & Fill

  • Tank Tumble

  • Hydrotest, Visual Inspection and Fill

  • Valve O-Ring Replacement

  • Valve Replacement

Gear Services:

  • 1st Stage

  • 2ns Stage

  • BCD

  • Computer

  • SPG

*Service Rates are Labor Only*
Service kits and parts are extra. All service at time of drop off is an estimate. Completion time is dependent on manufacturer availability of kits and parts. Additional charges may apply to gear in poor maintenance/cleanliness condition.

Need service on equipment?

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